Meet Scentalytics: Unveiling Fragrance World Through Data

At Scentalytics, we merge the artistry of fragrance with the precision of data analytics, offering a unique perspective to the world of scents. Our mission is simple yet transformative: to unveil the language of fragrances through data and empower brands and enthusiasts to make informed decisions that create new values and captivate the senses.

How We Started: Founded by a passionate fragrance enthusiast and data scientist, Scentalytics was born out of an inspiring vision to revolutionize the way we understand, appreciate, and experience fragrances. Our journey began with an enthusiasm for the world of fragrances and a desire to visualize scents in a way never seen before.


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What We Do: We specialize in analyzing fragrance data through a data-driven lens. By meticulously studying fragrance types, notes, trends and user sentiments, we transform raw data into meaningful insights. These insights empower fragrance brands to craft perfumes that speak to the soul of their audience and enable fragrance enthusiasts to discover scents that resonate with their individuality.

Our Approach: We believe in the power of data to unveil the hidden nuances of scents. Our multidimensional analysis considers a spectrum of factors, from aromatic notes and accords to seasonal trends and user sentiments. This holistic approach allows us to paint a vivid picture of each fragrance, enabling a deeper understanding of its essence.

Join Our Fragrant Journey

As we continue to explore the realms of fragrance through data analytics, we invite you to join us on this aromatic expedition.

Whether you're a fragrance connoisseur, a brand striving for olfactory excellence, a fragrance producer interested in a new perspective on perfume composing, a perfumer, a fragrance retailer, a data analyst, blogger or influencer searching for new trends, or simply curious about the art and science of scents, Scentalytics will be happy to be your trusted partner.

Meet the founder: Milan Pavlovic is a data scientist and a fragrance enthusiast. Through more than 7 years of professional experience, he specialized in data analysis and artificial intelligence, especcially the application of machine learning to natural language processing. Scentalytics is the result of his love of fragrances and data science.

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