Our Services


Artificial Intelligence

New MeetScentalytics AI Platformfor AI-driven perfume analysis & creation

  • Other AI services:
  • Engineering and integration of external AI services such as OpenAI API
  • Customization of generative AI models for conversational applications (LLMs)
  • Design and development of custom natural language processing solutions for sentiment analysis, text classification and other tasks
  • Development of traditional machine learning models for various tasks and industries

Data Analytics

By analyzing data from the perfume industry, the goal of our core data analytics services is to find meaningfull, valuable and actionable insights related to products, brands, perfumers and consumers. Given the right goals, requirements and data, we can expand this service delivery to other industries as well.

Brand Analysis

Discover more about your brand.

Advanced Scent Profiling

Position your products.

Sentiment Analysis

Find out what your audience think.

Perfumer - Brand Network Analysis

See how perfumers and brands collaborate.


Backend Software Development

We develop custom web APIs, backend logic, desktop & AI apps as well as deployment environments for AI models. Our primary languages are Python and Java, but we also use wide range of other tools and technologies for modern development.

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