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Brand analysis is one of the most common processes which helps to establish and evaluate a brand, often in terms of a branding style, sales and marketing strategies. It includes various information, such as brand's goals, customer feedback, competitive analysis or market analysis.

Scentalytics' approach to brand analysis is based on data about brand's products, but it also contains information about a broader market. Some of the perfume characteristics we analyzed include consumer sentiment and ratings, as well as feedback on sillage, longevity and value for money.

The complete picture of each brand was created by grouping the data about each brand's products.


Discover key characteristics of perfume brands and present that information clearly and intuitevly. Answer questions like:

  • Why are some brands more successfull than others?

  • What are the key aspects a brand should consider to achieve desired goals?


We statistically analyzed different products' characteristics of each brand to create an overall picture of a brand. The results are shown in easy to understand tables and charts.


Each analyzed brand has its own set of characteristics that define it. Brands can easily compare their characteristics with others and see how they perform, or define new goals and strategies. The comparison can also be made between brand specifics and wider market trends.


Characteristics identified


Brands characterized


Perfumes analyzed

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