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Today's perfumes wouldn't exist if perfumers didn't collaborate with perfume houses, known as brands. Such collaborations are crucial for making of fragrant products we all love.

All those collaborations form a unique social and business network of connections between perfumers and brands. This is where (social) network analysis comes into play.

Based on the data about fragrance products, Scentalytics was able to create, visualize and analyze a network of collaborations between perfumers and brands, offering answers to some interesting questions mentioned in the challenge section. Check out the network we built in the video below.

Perfumers can see which brands collaborate the most, or how are their colleagues connected with others. In combination with our advanced scent profiling service, brands could also identify which perfumers have the highest scent profile match with them and vice versa.

The information from the network could be a nice basis for both sides to estabilsh new business cooperations and create brand new fragrant products in the future.


Answer questions like:

  • Who are the most important perfumers and brands of today, and who will be tomorrow?

  • Who I need to collaborate with if I want to enter the perfume industry?

  • Who are the most experienced perfumers in the world?

  • Which brands collaborate the most?

  • Who has the best overview of what's happeing on the fragrance market?

  • Is the network of perfumers and brands very complex?


Create and analyze various characteristics of network of social and business collaboration between perfumers and brands.


We created, analyzed and visualized a complex network of collaboraitons between perfumers and brands, with more than 4000 participants in total. Different characteristics of the network allow us to answer various questions about connections between participants.


Brand nodes


Perfumer nodes


Total connections

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