Advanced Scent Profiling

Data Visualization / Virtual Space / Perfume Uniqueness


Advanced scent profiling is a Scentalytics' innovative way of measuring perfume uniqueness, by representing and visualizing perfumes as points in a simple two or three-dimensional space. Although only low-dimensional, this space contains rich information about every visualized perfume.

The points, or dots, which represent perfumes, were created as a result of advanced AI and data analysis techniques whose input information contained various characteristics of each perfume, including perfume notes as dominant ones.

Since the similar points are physically close to each other, this approach allows everyone to easily see how perfumes are mutually similar or different, even if you don't have the opportunity to smell all the fragrances. It also allows us to measure fragrance uniqueness. Check out the prototype of this space on the video below.

Advanced scent profiling can also be used to identify parts of the space with different levels of popularity and uniqueness, so brands can pick the place where they want to position their products. Thus selected points can be quite successfully reconstructed into original perfume characteristics, which means that perfumers can see which notes and accords can they experiment with to create a scent which belongs to the selected area of the whole scent space.

Scent profiles can also be created for perfumers and brands, by aggregating profiles of their products. Both sides can evaluate mutuall profile matches and be visualized in the same space as perfumes, which creates a truly unique view of the whole perfume industry.


Create a virtual scent profile of every perfume and visualize all profiles in an innovative way. Answer questions like:

  • How to create a popular fragrance and stay unique at the same time?

  • Which brands and perfumers are a good match for each other?

  • How to measure fragrance uniqueness?


We summarized various information about each perfume into couple of most important characteristics which were further transformed and visualized as simple points in information-rich 2D or 3D space.


The result of our advanced scent profiling technique is a unique virtual space of scent profiles. Perfumes, brands and perfumers have their own profiles there, which provides options of profile comparison, uniqueness measurement and untapped scent areas indentification.


Perfumes visualized


Notes and accords analyzed


multipurpose space created

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