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Scentalytics is a boutique consulting agency focused on data analytics & AI in the perfume industry. Our mission is to help brands worldwide by applying modern data analysis and artificial intelligence techniques.

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Improve Marketing

Know consumer sentiment and feedback on different aspects of your perfumes.

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Enhance Products

Discover popular notes, accords and fragrance families.

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Stay Ahead

Use industry trends to create innovative note combinations or find untapped niche markets.

AI & Analytics Services

We analyze fragrances, brands, perfumers and users. We build AI from the ground up.

Our Competencies

We love data and code. We are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is our core business. We are very passionate about discovery of exciting new insights from data. We use Python - based ecosystem of tools and libraries for everyday data analysis and are always eager to learn and incorporate new technologies.

Machine Learning

At the intersection of data science, statistics and computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence play a crucial role in our way to create new and innovative products and services. By using our own hardware resources, we build, train and tune custom AI models for various specific tasks.

Backend Software Development

To bring AI solutions to life or ensure the access to analytics results, we develop different kinds of backend software, such as APIs, custom web applications and others. Python and Java are the main languages we speak.

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